16 tips for turning your church around

  1. It’s a Calling, not a job.
  2. Be intentional. The journey from here to there won’t happen automatically or by faint-hearted efforts.
  3. Be a leader. Leaders lead.
  4. Make the vision big. Keep the journey simple.
  5. Just say yes: miracles of growth, new ideas, and including a greater diversity of people may follow.
  6. Keep opening more doors into the church from the community and into the community from the church.
  7. Pay the rent. Having a positive attitude; being a cheerleader for the congregation; and building relationships, trust, and goodwill will make the difference.
  8. Don’t go it alone. It takes partnerships to sustain the journey.
  9. Transform the worship service into a worship celebration.
  10. Use the arts, because it’s biblical and it works.
  11. Be an Evangelist and don’t be bashful about it.
  12. Leaders need to grow spiritually, too. Sustaining regular self-examination and spiritual growth is essential.
  13. God blessed life with diversity, multiculturalism, multiracialism, and multi-sexual orientations. Get used to it.
  14. Travel light. Don’t let a heavy theology, liturgy, and spirituality weigh you down.
  15. Some of the best clues to transformational leadership are in the Bible. Jesus is a great example.
  16. Be prepared for hard work, perseverance, and an adventurous journey. Transformational leadership is not for the faint-of-heart.

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